Should Pelosi Be Kicked Out Of The House?

BREAKING: Biden CRACKS Midspeech

While his staffers and other Democrats have been doing their best to shield President Biden from cameras they unfortunately can’t help him when he is on stage trying to read the teleprompters and now a shocking new video has just surfaced.

During a recent speech in Illinois, Biden shocked Americans when he suffered a total mental collapse and completely slurred his words for almost an entire minute.

Try not to laugh while reading this transcript of Biden’s speech, “The Ohio Pennsylvania, the Ohio Pennsylvania, I’m from Pennsylvania. The Illinois president.”

Biden then said, “The Illinois President, uh of the, Don Harman. State Senator Laura Murphy, State Rep uh, um, Martin mo-…uh, Moilen, and uh, we got uh great labol(?) leaders here too. Tim…wh-where’s Tim? And Jeff *gibberish* Preshident of united *gibberish gibberish slurring*. And Robert Rider, read-uh-rie-rie-Rieter….R-e-i-t-e-r.”

It gets worse.

Biden then appears to not know the difference between a “television” and a “telephone”.


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