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Paranoid Kamala Does What?

Paranoid Kamala Does What?


How strange.

The mainstream media was quick to run with any narrative they saw fit when former President Donald Trump was in office. You may remember at one point during his presidency several sources in the mainstream media suggested that Trump recommended shooting nuclear warheads at the hurricane that was headed for the United States. That obviously was not true.

That was one just one example of countless lies and absolutely ridiculous rumors the mainstream media spread about former President Trump. They are not letting those rumors fly when it comes to President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

A new rumor is circulating around on the internet about Vice President Kamala Harris not using bluetooth headphones because she is paranoid about them.


The original story broke on popular left-leaning news site Politico where they questioned Kamala’s reasoning for not using bluetooth headphones and is often seen carrying wired headphones instead.

The mainstream media and liberals erupted! They immediately attacked Politico for even questioning Kamala’s paranoia when it came to bluetooth headphones. They then noted that Kamala was only paranoid about the bluetooth headphones because she saw bluetooth as a security risk and nothing else.

Liberal news sites such as the Daily Beast immediately claimed that Kamala was right for not trusting bluetooth.

While they are right, bluetooth is definitely a security risk especially for people such as the Vice President of the United States, it raises the question of whether or not Kamala needs to worry about security risks in the first place since she isn’t even doing her job.