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U.S. Elections No Longer For Americans Only


America has changed so much.

From the beginning of America’s great and long history, the idea that U.S. elections were for Americans ONLY has always been the standard.

However, in today’s day and age, it appears that Republicans are now being attacked for simply saying that U.S. elections are for Americans only and millions of people are more confused than ever before.

According to Fox, Republican Rep. Jim Jordan was ruthlessly attacked by liberals after he simply claimed that it was “ridiculous” to allow non-citizens to vote in elections in Washington D.C.

“Only Americans should vote in American elections,” Rep. Jordan said which sparked outrage from Democrats and liberals online.


The Republican controlled House is currently attempting to overturn a bill by Democrats that will give non-citizens the right to vote in local elections in Washington D.C.

“In state and local elections, all people living legally in the area affected by the outcome of the elections should be able to vote,” one angry liberal wrote.

“Another day, another ridiculous distortion,” another user shockingly said.


It’s insane to see how far-left the United States has gone. Pretty soon Democrats will be pushing for non-citizens to be given the right to vote in federal elections such as 2024 presidential election and more.