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McConnell Sabotages GOP For Biden


McConnell has to go.

On Thursday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell dismissed the idea of Social Security and Medicare “sunsetting.” During the appearance, he also appeared to slam Republican Senator Rick Scott of Florida.

Last year, Scott released an 11-point plan which would ask that all federal legislation sunset every five years unless Congress reauthorizes them. This plan has been heavily criticized especially after President Biden on Tuesday used it as part of his State of the Union address.

During his speech, Biden accused some Republicans of wanting to “sunset” Social Security and Medicare, a position which most Republicans, Scott included, have repeatedly denied. However, McConnel during his recent appearance did suggest that Scott’s plan would indeed affect the two programs.


Scott is not the only Republican to have called for cuts to Medicare and Social Security. Senators Mike Lee, Lindsey Graham, and Ron Johnson have all previously called for the programs to get cuts.

On Wednesday the White House posted a thread on Twitter with all the names of GOP lawmakers who had previously threatened the programs.

McConnell, when appearing on The Terry Meiners Show, was asked about whether Scott’s proposals would indeed align with Biden’s claims that the Republicans are looking to “sunset Social Security and Medicare.” In response McConnell noted that “unfortunately, that was the Scott plan,” he proceeded to state, however, that this was “not a Republican plan.” He added that the Republicans did not have any plan that would either increase taxation or have cuts in Medicare or Social Security.