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MYSTERY: Why Was Biden Missing At G20?

What’s going on with Biden?

Rumors began to swirl recently after President Biden was forced to apologize to the press and other world leaders after he showed up late to his recent press conference in Rome following day two of the the G20 summit.

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According to Fox News, Biden showed up nearly half an hour late to the press conference and the only excuse he could come up with was blaming the elevators and then claimed it was a “long story”.

“I apologize to keep you waiting. We were playing with elevators. Long story, anyway,” Biden said as he began his press conference.


Sadly, this isn’t the first time President Biden has shown up late to important press conferences. Fox noted that from the beginning of June to mid-October, President Biden has appeared late on average of 22.4 minutes to his public speaking events.

Rumors have swirled on social media about Biden not being physically strong enough to get to important events on time raising more concerns about his health.

In the past, top officials such as Kayleigh McEnany has asked questions about Biden’s frequent tardiness:

What’s wrong with Biden? We will find out soon enough…