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Jill Biden’s Creepy Video


EW! This is very strange.

On Wednesday evening, First Lady Jill Biden faced backlash following the release of a video on X, featuring dancers performing in the festively adorned White House, themed “Magic, Wonder, and Joy” for the holiday season.

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, the first lady shared the video via the official @FLOTUS account, accompanied by a caption that stated, “A bit of magic, wonder, and joy brought to you by the talented tappers of Dorrance Dance, performing their playful interpretation of The Nutcracker Suite. Enjoy!”

Despite the attempt to spread holiday cheer, social media responses indicated dissatisfaction with the musical presentation. One viewer commented, “The United States of Bananas,” while another expressed doubt that the video could instill a sense of Christmas spirit in America.


Criticism extended to comparisons with a video shared during Melania Trump’s tenure, described as tasteful, seasonal, universally appealing, breathtaking, and gorgeous—qualities deemed lacking in Biden’s rendition, which was labeled as “utterly tacky, tasteless, and ANTI Christmas.”

Some viewers brought attention to the earlier discovery of cocaine at the White House, with one comment suggesting a shift from cocaine to acid, likely referencing the previous incident.

While the video showcased vibrant dancers adorned in colorful costumes, joyfully tapping and prancing throughout the White House, a substantial portion of the audience found it to be disconnected from the Christmas theme. Questions about the cost to taxpayers and negative descriptors such as “ABSOLUTE GARBAGE” surfaced, with some viewers deeming the video embarrassing and inappropriate for children. The inquiry into the financial aspects persisted, with individuals seeking information on the expense incurred and its impact on taxpayers.