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WATCH: Biden TOO WEAK To Stay Awake

WATCH: Biden TOO WEAK To Stay Awake


This isn’t good.

When former President Trump nicknamed President Biden “Sleepy Joe” he wasn’t joking.

Now, a new video has just surfaced of President Biden falling in and out of sleep while he was listening to a speech at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.

If Biden’s presidency wasn’t already a joke, it definitely is now!


Things eventually got so bad that an aide was forced to rush over to Biden’s side and wake him up again. It is unknown what the aide actually said, however you don’t need a rocket scientist to know what it probably was.


Practically everyone in the mainstream media is completely ignoring this humiliating story because they don’t want to show America what is really going on with President Biden.

However, Fox’s Joe Concha did speak on Biden’s little nap and said, “When you replace Mr. Biden here and insert Donald Trump or anyone with an “R” next to their name, then imagine what the media reaction would look like. The headline would be something like “Trump insults the world, falls asleep during crucial climate conference” then you’d have a sub-headline something along the lines of I don’t know “a chilling reminder of a president asleep at the wheel on the gravest threat of our lifetime.”