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Lindsey Graham STABS Republicans In The Back

He should be impeached over this!

In an absolutely shocking turn of events, it has now been discovered that Senator Lindsey Graham told Capitol police to “use” their guns on protestors who stormed that U.S. Capitol during the January 6th Capitol protest.

According to the Washington Post, during the protest when Trump supporters invaded the Capitol Graham told officers, “What are you doing? Take back the Senate! You’ve got guns. Use them.” 

Furthermore, it was noted that Graham appeared completely “irate” after Senators were forced to exit their chambers as the Capitol was being occupied by protestors.

We give you guns for a reason,” Graham is claimed to have said. “Use them.” 

This report from the Washington Post comes from the testimony of an unnamed Republican senator.

What’s even worse is that after Fox News followed up with Sen. Lindsey Graham’s office to verify if those comments were factual, Graham’s office claimed that the quotes were accurate.

Graham’s communications director, Kevin Bishop further explained, “Graham was quite clear on this point, noting that the backpacks and other items brought into the Capitol could have contained bombs and explosives.  The damage could have been much, much worse.”

It is also being reported that Graham called former President Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, and told her to reach out to Donald Trump immediately and ask the protestors to leave.