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Obama Exposed As Mastermind Behind NBA Strike

Obama Exposed As Mastermind Behind NBA Strike


This guys sure does love working in the shadows.

Details are now emerging which appears to show that former President Barack Obama was the the mastermind behind the NBA athletes’ boycott of the NBA finals until certain demands were met.


As many of you already know, the NBA went into crisis mode after teams decided to boycott the games to focus on social injustices committed against African Americans like Jacob Blake.

Now according to Fox News, former President Barack Obama met with top NBA athletes such as Lebron James and many more after they boycotted their games and devised a masterplan to only play if the NBA gave them a list of demands.

The demands which the NBA was forced to give:

  • The establishment of a social justice coalition
  • The conversion of team arenas into voting locations
  • Ads during games to promote civic engagement