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Michelle Obama Canceled


This was a bad idea to begin with.

A new series on Showtime which is called “The First Lady” which is a show based on former First Lady Michelle Obama has just been canceled after just one miserable season on air.

This comes as a surprise to liberals since the mainstream media shows Michelle Obama in such a favorable light. Why would a show based on her life get canceled so quickly? Didn’t the liberal media say that she was the greatest First Lady in modern history?

According to Breitbart, the Showtime show which was starring Viola Davis as Michelle Obama has flopped tremendously.


The show was axed after terrible reviews poured in from across America. Furthermore, the show failed to receive any major Emmy Award nominations as well.

Showtime gave little explanation for the cancellation and simply said that there “will not be moving forward with another season.”

Critics called the show a bad-wig costume drama” and another critic said it was “egregiously miscast.”