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DOJ Sues Trump Advisor


When will this nonsense end?

The Justice Department is now hitting former President Donald Trump’s trade adviser Peter Navarro with a new lawsuit for White House emails which were allegedly sent by him.

According to Newsmax, the DOJ is claiming that Navarro possibly used one nonofficial email address to send messages constituting presidential records.

In the court documents which were filed against Navarro, the DOJ claimed, “While serving in the White House, Mr. Navarro used at least one non-official email account — an account hosted by the non-official service ProtonMail — to send and receive messages constituting Presidential records.”


The DOJ then added, “Mr. Navarro did not copy each email or message constituting Presidential records that was sent or received on his non-official account or accounts to his official government email account.”

Furthermore, the DOJ is claiming Navarro of not responding to the National Archives and Record Administration about these communications and they were incorrectly handled by him.

“Mr. Navarro is wrongfully retaining Presidential records that are the property of the United States, and which constitute part of the permanent historical record of the prior administration,” the DOJ added.

Navarro’s attorneys fired back at the DOJ and said, “Mr. Navarro has never refused to provide records to the government. As detailed in our recent letter to the Archives, Mr. Navarro instructed his lawyers to preserve all such records, and he expects the government to follow standard processes in good faith to allow him to produce records. Instead, the government chose to file its lawsuit today.”