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WHOA: Biden Gets Called Out On Camera

WHOA: Biden Gets Called Out On Camera


Who would have expected this?

Every since the images of those Border Patrol agents on horseback appearing to “whip” Haitian migrants went viral, President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, and many others have been using it to push their far-left agenda and now even CNN is calling Biden and the rest of them out.

Yes, your read that correctly. CNN is actually now calling out the Biden Administration for falsely claiming Haitians were being “whipped” inhumanely.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Biden’s DHS Chief Alejandro Mayorkas was interviewed by CNN’s Take Tapper and asked, “Some of the initial descriptions of those images were just patently false. There’s now video out there that provides more context. Having seen the video are you certain that there was actually wrongdoing?”

Mayorkas appeared unhappy with Tappers question.

“Can the Border Patrol count on you and President Biden, who has said that people will pay, to come to a determination based on the facts and not based on Twitter outrage?” Tapper followed up.