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Democrat Brawl Brewing, Hurting Americans

Democrat Brawl Brewing, Hurting Americans

Things are just a huge mess.

A House Democrat recently called out Vice President Kamala Harris and claimed that she was uninterested and uncooperative when it came to fixing the U.S.-Mexico border which is supposed to be her top priority.

According to Fox, Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, spoke to the New York Times and admitted that disappointed with the fact that Kamala isn’t taking his problems seriously. Cuellar oversees hundreds of miles worth of Texas which sits on and near the Mexican border.

Cuellar stated, “I say this very respectfully to her: I moved on. She was tasked with that job, it doesn’t look like she’s very interested in this, so we are going to move on to other folks that work on this issue.

Rep. Cuellar then made Kamala look even worse by saying that even President Biden and the people in his office at least speak to him regarding his concerns unlike Kamala.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time Rep. Cuellar has brought up the border issue with President Biden and Vice President Harris. He has repeatedly reached out to them in desperation since Biden took office and little is being done to help.