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Kemp Gets Trumped

Kemp Gets Trumped

Things are not looking good for him.

In yet another blow to Republican traitor Brian Kemp’s Georgia Governor re-election run, former President Donald Trump appeared in Kemp’s Republican opponent’s first campaign ad.

Trump tapped former Sen. David Perdue to challenge Kemp for governor of Georgia after Kemp got into a heated argument with the former president about the 2020 presidential election.

According to The Hill, in the new ad for Perdue, Trump openly said Kemp “let us down.”

Trump then stated, “The Democrats walked all over Brian Kemp. He was afraid of Stacey ‘The Hoax’ Abrams. Brian Kemp let us down. We can’t let it happen again.”

Trump also called Perdue “an outstanding man,” and that he is “He’s tough. He’s smart. He has my complete and total endorsement.”

When Trump initially endorsed Perdue, he said Perdue intends to “eliminate the Income Tax, secure the Elections, defend the Second Amendment, support our great Farmers, get crime in Atlanta and other places under control, take care of our great Vets, and put parents back in charge of the schools.”