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Trump Set To Beat Biden In 2024?

Trump Set To Beat Biden In 2024?

Is Biden screwed?

In a shocking turn of events, Former Clinton adviser Mark Penn recently confessed and explained that former President Donald Trump appears to be in a “somewhat better position” than President Biden to take the 2024 presidential election.

In transcript provided by Fox, Penn stated, “I was really surprised that President Biden put doubt in whether or not he is going to run. Leadership rarely does that because you never want to be seen as a potential lame duck.”

He then explained, “But let me tell you, as a practical matter, in our most recent polls, he’s polling under 40% in Democratic primaries, among Democrats, that’s unprecedented for a sitting president. So a majority of Democrats would not support Joe Biden for reelection right now unless he turns his presidency around, healthy or not.”

Penn then said, “And as to Donald Trump, he is in a somewhat better position. He’s getting about 47% of Republicans against a matchup of other candidates. Not a majority, down a little bit, but way in the lead. So he certainly has even more potential right now, if you look at the numbers, of getting the nomination.”

Currently, the American economy is hanging on by a threat, President Biden and V.P. Kamala Harris refuse to fix the border and consumer confidence isn’t high. Biden has also failed to stop the spread of COVID-19 and don’t appear to have a good plan to combat the omicron variant.

We are still a long way away from the 2024 presidential election and Biden has to either fix this country before things get worse. Many Americans are beginning to believe that Democrats could eventually force Biden out if things don’t turn around.