Monday, July 4, 2022
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Trump Wrongfully Dragged Into Court

When will these witch hunts end?

In another phony attempt to destroy former President Donald Trump and his family, Trump and his two sons are now being forced to appear in court for questioning regarding a yearslong lawsuit accusing them of participating in a fraudulent marketing scheme.

According to the Washington Examiner, Donald Trump will be forced to appear for his deposition on June 16. Donald Trump Jr. will be deposed on May 10 and his bother Eric Trump on May 12.

Liberals may even be dragging Ivanka Trump into court as well but no date has been set.

The class-action lawsuit against Trump and his family accuses them of using his TV show The Celebrity Apprentice to mislead investors into funding a telecommunications company and pocketing the money instead. None of these accusations have been proven true and are likely just a scheme to ruin Trump’s 2024 re-election chances.

The BS lawsuit against Trump and his family claimed, “The Message was materially false. The Investments did not — and could not — offer a reasonable probability of success. Nor was Trump endorsing the Investments because he believed they would.”


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