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Trump Helping Democrats Win?


Here’s what happened…

There is just 50 days left until the midterm elections and Democrats have this irrational belief that former President Donald Trump is going to help them win.

According to The Hill, Democrats and the mainstream media believe that intentionally keeping former President Donald Trump in the news headlines is going to shift the focus of voters which will help them keep control of the House and Senate.

Some Republican strategists also believe this and think that if Trump’s name keeps being brought up regarding a 2024 presidential run, Democrats and the media will tie GOP midterm candidates to Trump and this will fire up the liberal voters.


Another issue for Republicans heading into the midterms is the Supreme Court’s recent decision to turn over Roe. This decision has millions of American voters feeling either very supportive of the decision or completely against it.

Democratic strategist Jon Reinish explained, “We said this in the run-up to Roe and certainly in the aftermath that, if this goes through as we were warned it would, that it would scramble every assumption about the midterms. All of a sudden, people are basing their vote not on esoteric matters, but on the most personal and most life-impacting issue of all.”

Top Republicans such as Mitch McConnell and others have predicted that the Republicans will take the House however they also think that winning over the Senate will be a much tougher battle.