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Biden Under New Investigation


Biden has been abusing his power for a long time.

House Oversight and Accountability Chair, Representative James Comer of Kentucky, a member of the Republican Party, has formally requested information regarding allegations of inappropriate usage of Air Force Two and Marine Two during Joe Biden’s tenure as Vice President.

According to Newsmax, in conjunction with Representative Byron Donalds of Florida, another committee member, Comer penned a letter to U.S. Archivist Colleen Shogan on a Wednesday, seeking comprehensive and unrestricted access under the guidelines of the Presidential Records Act. The objective of this request is to obtain specific records associated with Biden’s overseas travels alongside his family, utilizing the designated official modes of transportation for vice presidents, namely Air Force Two and Marine Two.

The role of custodianship for vice-presidential records falls under the jurisdiction of the National Archives and Records Administration.

The House oversight committee’s current investigation centers on allegations of Joe Biden using his influence to advance his son Hunter Biden’s business ventures.

In their communication to Shogan, Comer and Donalds articulated that they perceive Biden’s purported misuse of Air Force Two and Marine Two as emblematic of yet another instance in which the President has exploited his various positions of public responsibility, misusing taxpayer funds to favor his family’s commercial pursuits. The representatives contended that Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s international business dealings is contradicted by claims that he played no role in them. They argued that the utilization of Air Force Two for global trips to finalize business agreements serves as evidence of this involvement.


Comer and Donalds have specified a deadline of September 13 for Shogan to furnish the requested documentation.

Speaking on Newsmax’s “National Report” on a Tuesday, Comer criticized Joe Biden, characterizing him as one of the least transparent presidents in U.S. history and possibly the most “corrupt” vice president.

Comer’s statement on the Oversight Committee’s official website further elucidated his stance: “Joe Biden, during his time as Vice President, abused the privileges of Air Force Two by allowing his son to engage in global travel to promote the family’s interests. This represents yet another example of Joe Biden exploiting his official position to benefit his family financially. It is imperative that there is accountability for this misuse of resources funded by taxpayers. We anticipate that the National Archives will fulfill its duty by providing this information to the Oversight Committee, thereby fulfilling the transparency that the American people demand and deserve.”

In alignment with Comer’s perspective, Donalds also shared his belief that the investigative work undertaken by House panels into the Bidens has unearthed undeniable instances of corruption.

Donalds remarked in a statement, “Through persistent and meticulous efforts, House Republicans have successfully brought to light irrefutable instances of corruption within the Biden Family. As the evidence mounts, it becomes increasingly evident that then-Vice President Biden misused Air Force Two and Marine Two to advance his family’s interests. In collaboration with Chairman Comer, I am committed to revealing these misuses, allowing the American public to comprehend the extent to which their former Vice President and current President leveraged their positions to solicit foreign governments and amass millions for their family’s gain.”