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Unemployed Pelosi Attacks GOP


Pelosi needs to pipe down.

The newly unemployed and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now attacking the Republican party and claiming that their approach to electing the new House Speaker is “frivolous” and “disrespectful.” 

According to The Hill, Pelosi condemned the GOP and explained, “All who serve in the House share a responsibility to bring dignity to this body. Sadly, Republicans’ cavalier attitude in electing a Speaker is frivolous, disrespectful and unworthy of this institution.” 

“We must open the House and proceed with the People’s work,” Pelosi added.


As of right now, the House is currently in a standoff trying to decide who the new House Speaker will be. Republican Kevin McCarthy was the likely candidate to take the position and was even endorsed by former President Donald Trump however a handful of Republicans are not buying it.

As of right now, 19 GOP members are voting against McCarthy denying him the 218 votes he needs to be elected the next House Speaker.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is enjoying every second of the Republican infighting. She even went as far as taunted Republicans by sitting on the House floor reading  a New Yorker article titled “What Kevin McCarthy Will Do to Gain Power.”

The Republican party is on the verge of the civil war and it is unclear what it will take for them to agree on a new House Speaker.