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Trump Confession Shocks Americans


This was unexpected.

Former President Donald Trump shocked media outlets when he confessed that he personally sent federal agents to Florida in 2018 to keep the state’s election from being “stolen” from Republican candidate Ron DeSantis.

According to The Hill, Trump wrote on Truth Social that he was trying to help DeSantis’s campaign and sent a number of FBI agents and U.S. attorneys to prevent any voter fraud.


Trump said he made the decision with Republican Senator Rick Scott and after the FBI agents got there the “ballot theft” ended instantly allowing DeSantis to win the election.

DeSantis won against his Democrat opponent Andrew Gillum by just 30,000 votes.

In 2018 Senator Rick Scott also alleged that there was election interference by suggesting that election workers in Broward County were slow counting votes and allowing illegal votes to be inserted while the counting process was going on.