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CNN Makes A Mockery Of Jesus

CNN Makes A Mockery Of Jesus


Take a good long look at what these sinners had to say…

In an eyebrow raising moment on national T.V., CNN’s Don Lemon made of mockery of the Christian faith and said Jesus Christ “admittedly was not perfect” while he was on earth proving to the country the people over at CNN know nothing about the people they broadcast to.

According to the Daily Wire, during a discussion about the Founding Fathers with Chris Cuomo, Lemon stated, “Here’s the thing: Jesus Christ — if that’s who you believe in, Jesus Christ — admittedly was not perfect when he was here on this earth.

Adding, “So why are we deifying the founders of this country, many of whom owned slaves, and in the Constitution — the original one — they didn’t want, they put slavery in there, that slavery should be abolished because it was the way the king wanted. And then the Congress said, ‘No way!’”

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