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Kamala Replaces Biden?


These people are morons!

The sad but honest truth is that President Biden and his administration is a failed group of men and women who have too much power.

Now the Democrats are racing to figure out how they can sugar coat Biden’s horrendous leadership and the New York Times thinks the best way to do this is by propping up Kamala in Biden’s place.

According to Fox, in a new essay by the New York Times is claiming that Vice President Kamala Harris is “stuck” under Biden and cannot become the “public face” for any major issues.

Author Jeffrey Frank writes, “She is hampered by Mr. Biden’s unpopularity, to be sure, but she has also not become the successful public face on any major issue.”


“That Ms. Harris has been stuck in a political role is troubling for anyone concerned about the stability and continuity of the executive branch,” he added.

“But, in the nearly two years since Mr. Biden tapped Ms. Harris as his running mate in August 2020, we’ve learned that her bonds with Mr. Biden and key administration officials are relatively thin,” Frank added.

One thing is for sure, President Biden is a terrible leader however Americans do not want to give Democrats a second chance and let Kamala take a crack at it because everyone knows she’s not qualified for the job.

It’s best if Biden keeps Kamala hidden away in a closet of the White House until his term is over and the duo can be voted out. We do not need Kamala replacing Biden, we need them gone.