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VIDEO: Joe Rogan Blames Republicans For What?

Here’s what happened…

Wildly popular podcaster Joe Rogan recently made headline when he openly said that he refuses to let former President Donald Trump onto his show for an interview.

Now it appears that Rogan has once again doubled down on Republicans, who largely listen to him, and has said that he does not identify with them whatsoever and doesn’t want to be called a conservative because he believe they are now “taking away freedom.”

In transcript provided by Fox, Rogan said, “It’s not just abortion rights, but now they’re going after gay marriage too, which is so strange to me… Marco Rubio is saying that it’s like a silly thing to argue about, to be concerned about, and some other senator, a gay woman, confronted him and she was furious at it. ‘Cause gay marriage is not silly, it’s marriage. It’s marriage for people that are homosexual and for them it’s important.”

The gay female Senator Rogan was talking about was Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin who called out Republican Marco Rubio.

“They want to affirm their love, and their relationship and the fact that they’re going after that now, almost makes me feel like they want us to fight. They want to divide us in the best way they can,” Rogan added.

“It’s so homophobic,” Rogan said. “Because you’re saying there’s something wrong with being homosexual. By saying that you are opposed to gay marriage, you’re saying you’re opposed to gay people.”