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Kamala Refuses To Do Her Job


Biden and Kamala don’t care about America.

It has just been learned that Vice President Kamala Harris is visiting a group of mega-donors for a dinner in Texas, however, she is still refusing to visit the southern border even though she is already in Texas!

According to Fox, when asked if Kamala Harris should visit the border, a number of angry Americans said she needed to. “Absolutely she should. But will she? I highly doubt it,” one angry Texan told Fox News.

Instead of visiting the border, Kamala is planning to go to the LBJ Presidential Library to hold a discussion with the Texas Democratic Party regarding abortion access.

One upset America explained, “She should absolutely take the time to visit the border. There’s been a lot of dispute about the border.”


In 2021, President Biden appointed Vice President Kamala Harris to oversee the southern border and deal with the immigration surge, however, Kamala has done virtually nothing about it.

What’s worse is that Kamala has actually taken away rights from border patrol agents and made their jobs harder.

Another woman told Fox, “I know she’s very aware of what’s happening at the border. I know she would like to go to the border, and I hope she has time to go to the border.”

In reality, it’s highly unlikely that Kamala Harris will visit the southern border. If you had hopes that our vice president will actually do her job and fix the issues plaguing America, don’t hold your breath.