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Trump’s Passport Seized By FBI


This is insane!

In a shocking turn of events, it has now been learned that during the FBI raid of former President Donald Trump’s home, the FBI seized three of his passports.

According to Raw Story, Trump shocked the world when he admitted, “Wow! In the raid by the FBI of Mar-a-Lago, they stole my three Passports (one expired), along with everything else. This is an assault on a political opponent at a level never seen before in our Country. Third World!”


More than 35 agents raided Trump’s home and searched the Mar-a-Lago for several hours. They refused to let anyone including Trump’s lawyers watch as they ransacked his home.

“Everyone was asked to leave the premises, they wanted to be left alone, without any witnesses to see what they were doing, taking or, hopefully not, “planting.” Why did they STRONGLY insist on having nobody watching them, everybody out?” Trump said.

This is a breaking story more details to come…