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Kamala To Take Biden’s Job?

Is it actually happening?

Biden just keeps sinking lower and lower and now Democrats don’t know what to do.

A new Gallup poll shows the President Biden’s approval rating has actually sunk below Vice President Kamala Harris raising many questions about the 2024 presidential election.

Currently according to the Gallup poll, President Biden is sitting at a 43% approval rating compared to Kamala Harris who has a 44% approval rating.

What’s worse is that over half of all the participants in the poll disapproved of both Kamala and Biden overall.

What’s ironic about all of this is that even with Biden “benching” Kamala Harris by not really giving her any responsibility or clear role in his administration she was still able to outperform him.

It feels as if President Biden has now just become a “placeholder president” who is just sitting in the oval office until America is able to get a real leader in charge to actually bring change and fix the country.