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10 Republicans Likely To Run For President

10 Republicans Likely To Run For President

Here are some of the top candidates…

While the 2024 presidential election is still a few years away, political experts can’t help but speculate who the Republican Party will nominate to face off against the Democrats.

Many strongly believe that former President Donald Trump will be the top candidate and eventually gain the nomination however nothing is guaranteed.

According to Yahoo, here are the top 10 Republicans who will run for president in 2024:

Donald Trump – Trump has already expressed great interest in running and appears to have the most support among conservative voters.

Ron DeSantis – After winning the Florida governor’s race, Ron DeSantis has quickly risen to the top of all governors in the United States and has repeatedly butted heads with President Biden on a number of key issues.

Mike Pence – While Trump and Pence no longer see eye-to-eye following the 2020 presidential election, Pence still spent four years with Trump in the White House and has a lot of experience.

Chris Christie – Christie, who is a former ally to Donald Trump, still appears to be interested in running for president. Christie also has expressed his desire to take the GOP in another direction and believes Trump’s control of the GOP has faded.

Other top candidates include Nikki Haley, Ted Cruz, Mike Pompeo, Kristi Noem, Tom Cotton, and Larry Hogan.