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Dems Abolishing ICE

Dems Abolishing ICE

This is terrible news.

It has just now been revealed that The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s (DCCC) new email strategist has long supported the abolishment of police in the United States and also says that her “life’s mission” is to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) completely.

According to Yahoo News, RaeAnn Ensworth was recently hired by the DCCC to work as an email and SMS strategist however it has been revealed that she has a long history of writing disparaging tweets about law enforcement and wants to “abolition” police.

In the past Ensworth targeted 8Can’tWait police reform advocacy group because they funded police. “To clarify: I did originally support 8Can’tWait because I didn’t do the research when I originally shared it. I assumed 8Can’tWait would divert funding from the police. It doesn’t, in fact it ADDS money to their budget,” Ensworth wrote on Twitter.

“I have always supported abolition,” she further explained.

A few months ago she also joked that Google’s end-of-year search results video would have “how to burn down a police station” in her search history.

Ensworth tweeted, “Google always does that video ‘This year you asked…’ and then put top Google results. It’s going to be like ’This year you asked ‘How to burn down a police station?’”