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VIDEO: America Creeped Out By Biden


This is so gross!

President Biden thoroughly grossed out all of America when he decided to go off script during a recent speech and gave some very intimate details about an interaction he had with one of his nurses.

According to Fox, Biden was speaking about his health care policies in Virginia when he talked about a nurse named Pearl Nelson.

Americans where shocking when Biden outrageously said, “She’d come in and do things I don’t think you learn in nursing school.”

“She’d whisper in my ear, I couldn’t understand, but she’d whisper, and she’d lean down and actually breathe on me to make sure there was a human connection,” Biden said creeping out his audience.


Sadly, this is the first time President Biden has told this very creepy story about his nurse. In July 22, 2020, Biden talked about the same nurse and said, “I had nurses at Walter Reed hospital who would bend down and whisper in my ear, go home and get me pillows. They would actually breathe in my nostrils to make me move, to get me moving.”


President Biden should really refrain from telling creepy stories like this to the American public.