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Media Ignores Biden’s Meltdown


Imagine the outrage if Trump did something like this?

During the recent G-7 summit held in Japan, President Joe Biden faced criticism from his detractors for telling a reporter to “shush up” while he was in a meeting with the Australian prime minister.

According to Fox, Twitter users expressed their displeasure and criticized President Biden for his command, deeming it condescending. Some individuals on the platform highlighted the double standard, suggesting that if former President Donald Trump had similarly silenced an overzealous member of the press, his usual critics would have relentlessly condemned his actions.

The brief yet tense moment occurred over the weekend during a conversation between President Biden and Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese at the G-7 Summit in Hiroshima, Japan.

During the sit-down meeting, which was attended by the customary group of reporters, President Biden responded to the questions posed by one reporter and subsequently silenced another who persisted in attempting to ask additional questions.


When the first reporter asked, “Mr. President, how concerned are you about the debt talks at home?” President Biden initially responded in a genial manner, stating, “Not at all.” When the reporter posed a follow-up question on the same topic, Biden remarked, “This goes in stages. I’ve been in these negotiations before.”

While President Biden was speaking, another reporter repeatedly interjected, attempting to ask a question. Despite stammering, “Mr. President,” multiple times, the reporter was not able to fully articulate their inquiry.

Appearing visibly annoyed by the interruption, President Biden sat up in his chair, narrowed his eyes at the reporter, and curtly stated, “Shush up, OK?” Following his remark, he flashed a wry smile and added, “Thank you.”

Amidst the situation, the Australian prime minister let out a small chuckle, seemingly amused, while the president proceeded to share his perspective on the ongoing debt talks with the GOP.

The incident drew the attention of critics on Twitter, who accused President Biden of being “fresh” or disrespectful towards the reporter involved.