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DeSantis Sabotages Himself


Did this really hurt DeSantis?

A new poll which was just conducted in the state of Florida has just found that Republican Governor Ron DeSantis may have hurt his re-election chances after he decided to bus migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard along with other Democrat states.

According to Newsweek, the poll found that DeSantis is now trailing his Democrat Charlie Crist by 6 points in a poll which was conducted by The Political Matrix and The Listener Group. When looking at the same poll from June 2021, DeSantis had a 16-point lead over Crist.


To put that into perspective, after the Supreme Court overturned Roe, DeSantis only had a shift of just 4.5 points. Him losing 16 points to Crist after busing migrants has made an astronomical change to his support.

Conservative-leaning strategic consultant Greg Fink explained, “DeSantis was like nine points ahead for like, three polls. All of a sudden, he just got behind, and he hasn’t come back from it.”

At the moment it is unclear if DeSantis will be able to bounce back from this loss however Florida’s conservative voter base depends on him to.