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Ocasio-Cortez Endangers Supreme Court Judges

This is so terrible.

Still angry about the recent overturning of Roe, Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed that conservative U.S. Supreme Court justices purposely “misled” Americans during their confirmation hearings about whether or not they supported overturning Roe and should be impeached as a result.

According to The Hill, during a recent interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, Ocasio-Cortez attacked the Supreme Court and said that they overreached their authority and have created a crisis that President Biden needs to deal with.

Ocasio-Cortez lost it and said, “If we allow Supreme Court nominees to lie under oath and secure lifetime appointments to the highest court of the land and then issue — without basis, if you read these opinions — rulings that deeply undermine the human civil rights of the majority of Americans, we must see that through.”

“There must be consequences for such a deeply destabilizing action and the hostile takeover of our democratic institutions,” AOC added.

It’s clear that far-left Democrats such as Ocasio-Cortez and others are very unhappy about the recent overturning of Roe. Now the reaction to this decision lays on President Biden hands. Hopefully, the Democrats will not destroy the Supreme Court over this.