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Trump Says America No Longer Great


Here’s what Trump had to say…

Former President Donald Trump was forced to cut his recent Save America rally short due to a severe thunderstorm however it did not end without Trump warning Americans about the massive storm that President Biden himself is about to unleash on the United States.

According to Newsmax, Trump didn’t hold back whatsoever and slammed Biden by saying, “It is no longer a great nation. It is a nation in decline — hate to say this to you.”

Trump swung hard and Biden and said what the media refuses to and warned, “A nation that has the highest inflation in over 40 years, and likewise has the highest energy costs in its history — we have never had anything like what’s happened with energy and energy costs. It is no longer energy independent or energy dominant like it was just two years ago.”


“It’s a nation that is begging Venezuela and Saudi Arabia for oil,” Trump added.

Trump then hit Biden over his failures in Afghanistan and Ukraine saying, “It’s a nation that surrendered in Afghanistan, leaving dead soldiers, American citizens, and $85 billion worth of the finest military equipment in the world behind. It’s a nation that allowed Russia to devastate a country, Ukraine, killing hundreds of thousands of people, and it will only get worse.”

“It would never have happened with me, and it didn’t happen with me,” Trump further said. “It’s a nation that has weaponized its law enforcement against the opposing political party like never before. A nation that no longer has a free press or a fair press. Fake news is all you get, and they are the enemy of the people.”