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MAGA Republicans Flip On Trump


Nobody saw this coming.

A prominent Republican donor, known for overseeing an investment fund that bears the name of Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan, has decided to shift his support towards Florida’s Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis.

In transcript provided by Newsmax, Hal Lambert, the founder of Point Bridge Capital, expressed his support for Governor Ron DeSantis, stating, “I’m in for DeSantis this time. I plan to do a lot to help DeSantis win.”

Although Governor Ron DeSantis has not yet made an official declaration for the 2024 GOP presidential primary, it is widely anticipated that he will do so in the coming week. His political team has indicated that the increasing influx of campaign funding ahead of the imminent filing and announcement serves as evidence of DeSantis’ influence and strength within the political landscape.

In a statement provided to Newsmax on Monday, Bryan Griffin, the press secretary for Governor Ron DeSantis’ political team, expressed satisfaction with the ongoing support from donors. Griffin remarked, “Much to the media’s chagrin, this proves that donors continue to be impressed by Gov. DeSantis and support him in bringing his successes to the national stage.” The statement conveyed the team’s belief that DeSantis’ achievements have garnered significant backing from donors despite any negative portrayal by the media.


According to the report by the New York Post, Hal Lambert’s MAGA ETF is an exchange-traded fund that specifically focuses on investing in companies that align with Republican interests and values. The fund aims to support and invest in businesses that have demonstrated support for the Republican Party.

Following his involvement in Trump’s 2016 inaugural committee, Hal Lambert informed the New York Post that a dinner he had with Governor Ron DeSantis and his wife Casey in Florida three weeks ago left a strong impression on him. The meeting was significant enough for Lambert to extend his endorsement to DeSantis and express his support for the Governor’s political aspirations.

“Ron is good at giving a message,” Lambert explained before calling Casey DeSantis “amazing.”

Lambert holds concerns that Donald Trump may not shift his support following the 2020 presidential election cycle. Lambert’s preference is for the GOP nominee narrative to solely focus on being a referendum on President Joe Biden. He desires a clear focus on Biden’s policies and actions rather than any internal dynamics within the Republican Party.