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Dems Create More Trouble For Trump


This is not good.

House Oversight Committee Democrats are targeting former President Donald Trump again and have now launched an investigation about gifts he received while he was the president. The Democrats are claiming that Trump failed to report thousands of dollars worth of gifts he accepted from foreign officials.

According to The Hill, the House Oversight Committee Democrats are claiming that Trump did not report gifts he received that were worth more than $415.


Democrat Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney launched the witch hunt and said, “Public reporting indicates that President Trump accepted multiple gifts from foreign sources in 2020, yet these gifts do not appear on the Department of State’s public list as required.”

She then added, “These revelations raise concerns about the potential for undue influence over former President Trump by foreign governments, which may have put the national security and foreign policy interests of the United States at risk.”

Some of the gifts in question was given to Trump by India which were a bust of Mahatma Gandhi, a marble replica of Gandhi’s “Three Monkeys” statue and a spinning wheel along with more gifts.