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BREAKING: Biden Orders Emergency Evacuation


This is a major problem.

Since the outbreak of war in the capital city weeks ago, the United States has successfully evacuated a group of American citizens and permanent residents from Sudan.

According to Fox, on Friday, the process of land evacuation commenced, with the aim of transporting a significant number of Americans to the Red Sea through Port Sudan. As per officials’ statements on Saturday, unmanned aircraft provided armed overwatch while a convoy of buses carried around 200 to 300 Americans over a distance of 500 miles.


On April 22, American special operations troops briefly visited Khartoum to evacuate American embassy staff and other government personnel by air.

Despite the involvement of various international mediators such as African and Arab nations, the United Nations, and the United States, a lasting solution has not been achieved, and the group has only been able to establish a series of temporary ceasefires that remain delicate.

While the diplomatic efforts were unsuccessful in putting an end to the clashes, they did manage to create a temporary pause in the fighting, allowing tens of thousands of Sudanese to relocate to safer regions, and for foreign nations to evacuate thousands of their citizens through land, air, and sea routes.