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Democrats Sued By Top Republican


She wants justice now!

​Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert is now threatening to sue Democrats for multiple lies they have spread about her some of which claim that she was a “paid escort” and that she has had “two abortions.”

According to NY Post, Boebert’s lawyer sent a letter to American Muckrakers PAC promising to file  “civil defamation” lawsuits against them.


“Partisan organizations putting out blatantly false and disgusting accusations won’t stop me from advancing freedom and conservative values,” Boebert stated.

“This group’s vile conduct demonstrates why people are fed up with politics. I am not going to stand by and pretend this is normal behavior,” Boebert added.

She then said, “This political committee, funded by far-left Democrat donors and run by two left-wing political operatives, published pages of false statements knowing they were completely fabricated.”