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Biden Screws Up, Republicans Win


This is bad bad bad for Democrats.

Every since setting foot in office, President Biden has screwed up so tremendously that EVERYONE now believes that the upcoming November midterm elections is not only going to be a red wave but a massive red tsunami the likes of which America hasn’t seen.

According to The Hill, historically the president’s party usually never performs well in the midterms, however Democrats are in store for a very big surprise this time around.

All major strategists and pollsters, including our own, have discovered that just five months before the midterms, Democrats are in the worst place they have ever been in modern times.


Gallup went as far back as looking at polling data from 1974 and were unable to find a point in which any party has been in such bad shape heading into the midterms.

Suffolk University David Paleologos blatantly said, “Today’s polls indicate a tsunami.”

Democrats have now resorted to working desperately within their own home states by fixing relatively small issues in hopes that voters will stand by them and also feverishly kissing up to independent voters. They are also distancing themselves from President Biden as well.

Paleologos explained, “These Democrats are threading the needle into the current political fabric by being populists, winning among independents and talking about solving bread-and-butter issues county by county while distancing themselves from Biden and D.C.”