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Pelosi Picks New House Speaker


Pelosi needs to mind or business or better yet just retire.

Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from California, expressed her disapproval of certain Republican efforts to grant Speaker Pro Tempore Patrick McHenry, a Republican from North Carolina, expanded powers amidst the GOP’s struggles in choosing a new Speaker.

According to The Hill, in a CNN interview on Thursday, Pelosi emphasized, “You really cannot give Mr. McHenry power. No, you have to make him Speaker, and then he has the awesome power of the Speakership.

Initially, Republicans had considered a proposal to authorize McHenry to preside over legislative matters until January, while the House remained without a Speaker for two weeks. However, this plan might be abandoned, as Representative Jim Jordan, the GOP’s choice for Speaker, is expected to face a third Speaker vote later on Thursday.

Jordan informed reporters on Thursday, “We presented the resolution as a means to defuse tensions and return to work. We’ve decided to move in a different direction. I’m still in the running for Speaker and intend to go to the floor to secure the necessary votes for victory.”


Representative Lisa McClain, the House GOP conference secretary, mentioned that Jordan would meet with resistant Republican members before initiating the third vote on the House floor later in the day.

During the CNN interview, Pelosi expressed her reservations about giving McHenry extended powers, concerning both the duration of these powers and their specific scope. She stated, “The concerns revolve around substance, timing, and structure. Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries will play a pivotal role in this, and we have faith in his judgment.”

Pelosi also stressed the urgency of selecting a new Speaker to address pressing legislative matters, including the rapidly escalating conflict between Israel and people in Gaza, as well as the ongoing situation in Ukraine and other critical issues.

Furthermore, Pelosi endorsed President Biden’s recent visit to Israel to discuss the conflict, highlighting his success in negotiating a humanitarian aid corridor into Gaza with Egypt. She commended the President, saying, “Our leader has exhibited remarkable strength and a deep understanding of the relationship between the United States and Israel, emphasizing our shared values, strategic partnership, and our global role in respecting others.”

“We must also extend assistance to the people of Gaza,” she added, underscoring the need for greater involvement by Arab nations, particularly Egypt, in facilitating access to the corridor.