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Democrat Refuses To Leave Congress


Is it time for change?

As you know, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will no longer be in her leadership role come this January and a number of Americans are happier than ever about it. In her speech addressing her decision to step down, Pelosi said that it was time a “new generation” to take the lead.

Sadly however it looks like giving the “new generation” a chance at taking over the Democrat party is not what Democrat House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn wants because he is refusing to retire.

According to Fox, Clyburn even went as far as saying it was “biblical” to him that he remain in politics even though other old leaders like Pelosi were planning to retire.


Clyburn was recently asked if he thought it was necessary to remain in office any longer.

He replied, “I’ve always said there is a healthy respect – it’s biblical with me – we need to have a healthy blend of strength and knowledge. And look at leadership: the South is left out of it. And what I’m doing is trying to make sure that we do not tilt too far to the east or too far to the west, but maintain what we have here.”

“There’s no other southerner among the leadership, and we need the South,” Clyburn said.

It’s unclear what the next generation of Democrat leadership will bring to the United States. However, it is clear that older career Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Jim Clyburn have done a lot of damage to the United States.