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GOP Backstabs Trump, Sides With Jack Smith?

Is Jack Smith telling the truth or is he trying to get in Trump’s head? Sadly, there is no telling since he works for Joe Biden.

On Wednesday, Special Counsel Jack Smith submitted a filing revealing his possession of testimonies from members of Congress intended for use in the 2020 election trial of Donald Trump. In this submission, Smith sought a restriction on Trump’s legal team during the cross-examination of trial witnesses, proposing that questions leading to the violation of attorney-client privilege or the Speech and Debate Clause be disallowed.

Legal analyst Lisa Rubin of MSNBC highlighted a noteworthy aspect, pointing out that only elected members of Congress possess the privilege to invoke the Speech and Debate Clause. Notably, a 2023 ruling by a judge extended this protection to Vice President Mike Pence, who serves as the President of the Senate. Rubin speculated that Smith’s motion may also be an effort to shield Pence from potential scrutiny by Trump’s legal representatives.

Rubin further surmised that the mere act of filing such a motion could be indicative of Smith revealing his strategic position and the nature of the information in his possession. The officials Smith might call upon could include members of the House Select Committee who probed the 2020 election fraud and the January 6 attack. Alternatively, they may be individuals who witnessed events on January 6, providing evidence supporting Smith’s contention that Trump actively encouraged the rioters despite pleas from lawmakers.

Anticipating the response from Trump’s legal team, Rubin suggested a departure from their usual prompt retorts. She foresaw the possibility of objections, with Trump’s lawyers expressing frustration over Smith’s repeated document filings, especially amid the ongoing wait for Trump’s appeal regarding his “absolute immunity” claim.