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Kamala Slanders Supreme Court Justice


Kamala is unhinged.

Vice President Kamala Harris launched an outrageous attack on the Supreme Court and more specifically Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas after they decided to overturn Roe.

According to the Washington Examiner, Kamala Harris’ comments came during a speech in Chicago. Kamala claimed that the Supreme Court was going to go after same-sex marriage and contraception now in an attempt to instill fear in Democrat voters.


Kamala Harris smeared Justice Clarence Thomas and said, “Justice Clarence Thomas said the quiet part out loud. In the Dobbs decision, his piece of it was to say, basically, marriage equality is on the line, contraception is on the line. So see what is happening and what is at play here. See it clearly. We’ve got to hold on to our numbers in the House and the Senate, because without Democratic majorities in Congress, the writing on the wall seems to be pretty clear about what other rights they’ll also come after.”

As if right now the Supreme Court is controlled by conservative justices. Democrats are extremely unhappy about this even though they control virtually everything else such as a the House, Senate and presidency.

Kamala is urging voters to not let Republicans take neither the House or the Senate and is scaring them into believing that if the GOP takes power, they will go after things such as same sex marriage or contraception.