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Biden Unable To Walk?


Biden’s health certainly isn’t improving.

President Biden’s close associates are said to have suggested changes to his public appearances, urging him to opt for more comfortable ‘fall-resistant’ shoes and reduce the distances he walks on camera. This advice is aimed at addressing concerns within the Democratic party about how the Biden campaign is handling the issue of the president’s age.

According to Fox, insiders revealed that discussions have taken place regarding having the president walk shorter distances on camera. Additionally, there have been recommendations to switch from formal shoes to more comfortable ones, not only to give a less stiff appearance to his stride but also to minimize the risk of falls.

Democratic strategists and donors are reportedly expressing frustration over the Biden campaign’s approach to the age issue. Some feel that insufficient efforts have been made to alleviate public concerns, especially considering that Biden turned 81, making him the oldest U.S. president in history.


Alan Kessler, a Democratic donor, highlighted a perceived double standard, stating, “Neither are going to get any younger on their next birthdays, but yet Biden seems to get, on a continuing basis, knocked for his age while Trump does not.” Kessler suggested that not enough attention is given to 77-year-old Donald Trump’s age.

Concerns about Biden’s age extend to his family, with some close allies acknowledging that while they believe Biden is mentally fit for the job, there are moments when he appears frail, as reported by Politico.

The age issue has become a focal point for criticism, with Democratic National Committee (DNC) officials allegedly refusing to acknowledge it as a problem, according to a donor. Former Obama adviser David Axelrod warned that the “age issue” is a persistent concern for Biden, and public perception on this matter is challenging to reverse.

In September, Axios reported that Biden’s 2024 team was actively working to prevent public mishaps, particularly due to the president’s struggle with “significant spinal arthritis.” Measures included limiting stair climbs and having him wear tennis shoes during public appearances.