Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Lindsey Graham Tells Biden To Man Up

Biden should listen.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham recently sat down with Fox News and urged President Biden to stop being scared and to please stand up to China as the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to progress.

Graham urged Biden to go after those, such as China, who continue “prop up” Vladimir Putin.

Graham’s comments come after U.S. officials warned Biden that China was watching very closely as to how Biden was dealing with Russia’s invasion saying they may soon take advantage of him as well.

In transcript provided Fox News, Graham warned, “I mean, the [Xi’s] only problem is with Putin that he’s ineffective. He doesn’t have a problem with the fact that Putin’s murdering people on an industrial scale as a war criminal. The problem he has is that he is taking so long. China is all in with Russia.”

Adding, “What I propose we do, if the Chinese are helping arm Russia and providing assistance to get around international sanctions, that we put secondary sanctions on China–that we go after anybody and everybody who tries to prop up the war criminal Putin. If we don’t do that, I think we’re missing an opportunity to further isolate Russia and finally in my lifetime, since Trump left anyway, stand up to China.”


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