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VIDEO: Biden Creeps Out America Again


Biden needs to stop. Seriously.

A video featuring President Joe Biden conversing with a child at a Thanksgiving event has gained widespread attention, with some critics labeling him as inappropriate.

According to Newsweek, the incident occurred during his speech at the Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia, where he engaged with military families, served a Friendsgiving dinner, and watched an advance screening of the film “Wonka.”

While addressing the child, named Catherine, who wore cat-costume ears, Biden expressed admiration for them, saying, “I love your ears! They’re really cool! What’s your name?” After learning her name and age, Biden made a lighthearted comment, suggesting she was 17.

The Republican National Committee’s social media account, RNC Research, posted a clip of the interaction on X (formerly Twitter), where some users criticized Biden’s words as inappropriate. One user referred to Biden as a “freak” who should not be near children, and Collin Rugg of Trending Politics called him a “creep.” Others defended Biden, stating that he was referring to the costume and making a joke about the child’s age.

This incident adds to previous instances where Biden’s interactions with children faced scrutiny. In July, he was criticized for pretending to bite a child in Finland, and in October 2022, he received backlash for advising a young teenager not to date “serious guys until you’re 30.” Additionally, in 2021, he remarked to a young girl in Virginia that she looked 19 during a speech to military families.

The Friendsgiving event aimed to honor service members and military families associated with the Dwight D. Eisenhower and Gerald R. Ford aircraft carriers, currently deployed in the eastern Mediterranean amid tensions from the Israel-Palestine war. Biden praised their crucial role, describing them as the “spine, sinew, and backbone” of the operation, while acknowledging the family members as the “heart” of the operation.