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Democrat Governor Kicks Kamala To The Curb


Democrats know Kamala is useless.

Former Democratic California Governor Jerry Brown declined to provide any positive comments on Vice President Kamala Harris after expressing confidence in President Biden as the “man of the hour” in a recent media interview.

According to Fox, in discussing President Biden and the overall sentiments of the electorate, Brown conveyed to NBC News that the president was the current focal point. He stated, “I would say he’s the man of the hour. He’s there,” and mentioned that he lacked a political strategy for the Democrats, emphasizing the challenges.

Brown became reserved when asked about Harris, who initiated her political career in California, progressing in state politics to become California’s Attorney General and later a U.S. Senator. The report noted that he “had nothing at all to share about a fellow Californian who is next in the line of presidential succession.”

“I do not have a thought on that topic,” Brown responded.


During the interview, Brown criticized the media and commented on Biden’s response to a question about whether he thought Xi Jinping is a dictator. He attributed the comment to Biden, stating he was “responsible,” and criticized reporters, stating, “the reporters want to fan the flames of conflict leading to war because they’re so damn stupid.”

“That is my belief of your profession,” he told NBC News, offering the president advice on handling embarrassing questions.

Brown, who served two separate tenures as California governor from 1975 to 1983 and 2011 to 2019, also served as the state’s Attorney General from 2007 to 2011, succeeded by Harris.

While Harris is not at risk of being replaced on the Biden 2024 ticket, her lower popularity and internal party criticism have been persistent challenges throughout her tenure. Responding to polling showing Biden trailing Donald Trump, Harris acknowledged the need to earn re-election in a recent CNN interview. She emphasized the importance of effectively communicating accomplishments and priorities in a democracy with free and fair elections.