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Supreme Court Hands Democrats Major Loss


Biden won’t be happy about this.

Delaware’s Supreme Court just handed President Biden and the Democrats a major loss by ruling that universal vote by mail and same-day registration were entirely unconstitutional.

This is a major win for Senate Republicans who have been fighting for more voter integrity.

According to Fox, the court ruled that the two moves conflict with registration and absentee voter categories which were detailed in the State’s constitution.


Instead the Delaware Supreme Court upheld prior ruling made by the state’s vice chancellor which rejects the vote-by-mail law and they threw out the Election Day registration law.

Delaware’s GOP chair and former attorney general Jane Brady recently celebrated the decision by their Supreme Court and said she was “very pleased that the court upheld the language of the constitution.”

“This is a win for the rule of law,” Brady added.

Brady then explained, “Anyone who has voted in a general election in the past can vote the same way they always have, because there have been zero general elections held since those laws were passed, and they’ve never had any impact on a voter’s conduct. The court’s ruling essentially maintains the status quo and the same laws that have always been in effect are in effect on November 8.”