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Trump Called Dumbest President In History


This is absolutely pathetic.

For CNN’s Memorial Day weekend column, their pathetic national security analyst Peter Bergen wrote a hit piece against former President Donald Trump and even went as far as labeling him as “the most incompetent President in modern American history.”

According to Raw Story, Bergen ruthlessly smeared Trump and said that “Trump was the most incompetent President in modern American history.”

Bergen then called Trump’s time in the White House a series of “spectacular failures” and even went as far as accusing the former President of being responsible for the takeover of Afghanistan!


This is the type of fake news these people are supplying liberals with. Everyone knows President Biden is solely responsible for the failures in Afghanistan with his botched evacuation. Sadly however, it looks like the left is trying to twist the truth.

Bergen then attempted to blame Trump for the Russian invasion of Ukraine by saying that it was his fault for undermining NATO.

CNN then attempted to claim that COVID-19 was also Trump’s fault by writing, “It was, above all, in his mishandling of the Covid-19 pandemic that Trump revealed his many weaknesses as a leader. First, he never did any homework, meaning his understanding of complex issues, such as how best to mitigate a pandemic, was always cartoonish. Related to Trump’s first failing was his second: He always believed he knew more than the experts about any given subject. Third, Trump always trusted his own gut. This was not likely to produce relevant knowledge or coherent policy. And it didn’t.”

Disgusting! Look at how much the mainstream media has to lie and manipulate the truth just to get President Biden and the Democrats re-elected again. CNN and most other mainstream media organizations have become a tool for the Democrats to brainwash voters. Be careful!