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Fauci Accepts Defeat

Biden better fire this guy!

President Biden’s White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci after more than a year of pushing insane mandates on the American people and suggesting lockdowns appears to have finally accepted defeat.

Dr. Fauci recently appeared on Fox and admitted to Neil Cavuto that he now thinks covid cannot be eradicated.

Americans are furious.

According to Fox, Fauci admitted, “You can have elimination or you can have eradication. And as I’ve said so often, I don’t think there’s a chance you’re going to eradicate this.

So what I’m thinking about is control, namely a level of control that is better than where we are right now,” Fauci added.

Fauci then referred to the omicron variant as an “under the radar” community spread.

Fauci then said, “It’s very, very clear the extraordinary benefit of vaccines to protect you against infection, to protect you against severe disease, hospitalization and death. I would hope that even now, as we enter into this new era of omicron, that people would appreciate why it’s so important.”