You’re going to have to see this for yourself!

While the mainstream media continues to push lies about President Trump and even more coronavirus hysteria, something major happened…

Today at the White House, Serbia and Kosovo signed a peace agreement between each other and also agreed to recognize Israel going forward.

This is a MAJOR international win for President Trump.

The mainstream media however, simply does not give a damn because they don’t want to share any good news about Trump.

Now, according to the Gateway Pundit, former Ambassador Ric Grenell, who played an important roll in the agreement, completely gutted reporters who shamelessly overlooked the major news.

“I’m here to talk about Kosovo and Serbia. I don’t know if you can find it on a map… You guys don’t understand what’s happening outside of Washington DC. People aren’t listening to you anymore. It’s really a crisis in journalism. And I think it’s because people are too young to understand the issues like Kosovo and Serbia. How about a substantive question?” Grenell stated.


People aren’t listening to you anymore,” Grenell told the media. Incredible.

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